This annual four-day festival is Gero’s largest summer event, with plenty of fireworks and very special performances to be enjoyed! Not to mention, the dynamic Dragon-God Fire Festival is back after a 3-year hiatus!!

Brief schedule
🔹 8/1 (Tues)
Children’s Mikoshi: Sometime before noon, Gero City
Wind Ensemble Mini Concert: 10:15am, Fureai Hiroba
Dragon-God Fire Festival: 6:45pm ~ 8:50pm, Shirasagi Bridge area

🔹 8/2 (Wed)
Yu no Hana Mikoshi Parade: 6pm ~ 9:30pm, Gero Hot Springs Villages

🔹 8/3 (Thur)
Gero Hot Springs Summer Firework Musical Performance: 8pm ~ 8:30pm, Gero Ohashi Bridge
Hot Spring Thanksgiving Festival: 3:20pm ~ 5pm, Gero Station ~ Onsenji Temple
Minyo Nagashi (traditional folk dance parade): About 7pm, Gero Ohashi Bridge ~ Shirasagi Bridge
Gero Dance: around 8:40pm ~ 10pm, Shirasagi Bridge

🔹 8/4 (Fri)
Utazuka Memorial Service: Yunomachi Ujo Park
Special Performances at the Gero Onsen Summer Festival: 6pm ~ 9pm, Shirasagi Bridge area

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