Only a few weeks remaining to relish autumn views at Yokokura-ji and Kegon-ji of Ibigawa, two of the top 33 Spots of Hida and Mino for both autumn-leaf viewing, and cherry-blossom in spring. Both temples are also an invaluable part of Japanese history with Yokokura-ji housing a viewable mummy of about 200 years old, and Kegon-ji being a destination along the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage route, from 1,300 years ago.

We highly recommend visiting both places when on a trip to Ibigawa. The relatively short distance between them is easily bridged by a 15 minute car ride.

Yokokura-ji Autumn Foliage Viewing Season: early to late November
Kegon-ji Autumn Foliage Viewing Season: mid-November to early December

  • Please note that Kegon-ji has a special Autumn Foliage Light Up Event 4:30pm until 9pm everyday until the 30th November 2022