Enjoy the largest summer firework performances that Gifu has to offer, each attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators with their extravagant “star mines” (a Japanese term for the firework launching technique where hundreds to thousands of fireworks are launched consecutively in a very short period of time).

⚠ While this year’s performances were cancelled, they are usually held on the last Saturday of July and the first Saturday of August, so we hope to see you at next year’s!

For more info:

※Nagara River All-Japan Fireworks Display (sponsored by Chunichi Shimbun)
Date: Last Saturday of July
Time: 7:20pm ~ 8:35pm

※National Fireworks Display (sponsored by Gifu Shimbun)
Date: First Saturday of August
Time: 7:30pm ~ 8:40pm

Location for both displays: On the banks of the Nagara River inbetween the Kinka and Nagara Bridges in Gifu City.