Congratulations to Goshikigahara Forest and Gero for receiving Top Ecotourism Awards from the Ministry of Environment.

Nunobiki Falls in Goshikigahara Forest

The Ecotourism Awards are honors given out by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment each year to exemplify businesses, organizations and local municipalities that show outstanding efforts in ecotourism practices. The two Gifu organizations that were honored:

① Goshikigahara Forest Guide Association – Top Award
② Gero City Ecotourism Promotions Committee – Honorable Mentions Award
Hiking in Goshikigahara Forest, Takayama

About Goshikigahara Forest

Goshikigahara Forest is an expansive 3,000ha of land at the foot of Mt. Norikura (almost all of the forest lies within the boundaries of Chubu Sangaku National Park) whose diverse ecosystem is home to oldgrowth forests, wetlands, deep ravines and even breathtaking waterfalls.

Gandate Park in Hida Osaka, Gero

About Gero City Ecotourism

Gero is most famous for its high-quality hotspring baths, however, there has been great efforts to promote and preserve places and environments outside of the city center like Hida Osaka Falls, Maze and Hida Kanayama.

Gifu is proud to have two organizations recognized on a national level for their practices in ecotourism; make sure and stop by on your next visit!