A traditional craft made possible with Gifu's bountiful forests

With forests occupying more than 80% of the land, Gifu's abundant resources and wealth of unique craftsmanship has resulted in a variety of wood products being produced in the region. Traditional techniques have been passed down through generations resulting in advanced carpentry skills that are used to make a wide range of wooden products today.

・Shunkei Lacquerware
Originally created by Hida's master woodwork and lacquer artisans, shunkei lacqureware is characterized by its finely grained wood covered in transparent lacquer. This traditional craft has a story of over 400 years.

・Ichii-itto Yew Carving
Manipulating their chisel with masterful skill, carvers create a pieces that fully display the warm feeling of the ichii (yew) wood, Gifu's prefectural tree. Made with wood from trees that are 150 to 500 years old, one attractive feature of ichii-itto carvings is that their color deepens with age.

・Hida Wood Furniture
Made using fine, high quality lumber and unique lathe and wood warping techniques, Hida's traditionally crafted furniture is famous all over Japan. Wooden desks and chairs in particular are produced at a rate unrivaled throughout Japan.

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