The Okunohosomichi Musubinochi Memorial Hall area is a famous cherry blossom spot in Ogaki, only a 15-minute walk south of JR Ogaki Station. With numerous clear, pristine waterways crisscrossing the area, Ogaki is nicknamed the Water Capital and it’s especially dazzling during the springtime thanks to hundred or so cherry trees that line the Suimon River canals.

Why not take a relaxing boat ride down the canals while taking in the stunning springtime view? The ride will take around 30 minutes as you float downstream for a distance of 1.1 km. Tarai boat rides (a circular tub-shaped boat) are available from late April to early May.

🟡 Reservations are required (Please check the website listed below for availabilities. Hurry!! Weekend slots are usually the first go!!)
🌸 Cherry blossom season here will most likely start in mid to late March and will last to early to mid-April.

ℹ For more info:
▪ Website:
▪ Normal Boat Rides Dates: March 23 (Sat) ~April 7 (Sun) [16 day]
▪ Tarai Boat Rides Dates: April 27 (Sat) ~29 (Mon, public hol);
May 3 (Fri, public hol) ~6 (Mon, replacement public holiday) [7 days]
▪ Cost: Normal Boat: Normal Boat: ¥1,200 per adult, ¥600 per child (max 6 ppl), Tarai Boat: ¥2,200 per boat (max 2 ppl, 3 ppl if one is a child, total 180kg)
▪ Access: 7-minute walk from the South Entrance of the JR Ogaki Station