If you’re wondering what winter is like up in the mountainous regions of North Gifu, well, wonder no more! See what the real-time weather is like in places like Shirakawa-go Village, Takayama, and Shinhotaka Ropeway with the help of live cameras!

Make sure to check in with the local Japan time (GMT +9).

・Shirakawa-go Village

・Takayama, Nakabashi Bridge

・Takayama, Kaji Bridge and Miyagawa Morning Market (top and bottom respectively)

・Shinhotaka Ropeway (Okuhida Hot Spring Villages)

・National Route 41 (Road conditions from Gero through Takayama and Hida City, only in Japanese) https://www.cbr.mlit.go.jp/takayama/cctv/index.html

Even if home is in a desert or a tropical rain forest, your experience of northern Gifu’s snowy winter weather is only a click away!