A huge congratulations again to Okuhida Hot Spring Villages, this time for ranking #2 in the “Overall Satisfaction” category in Jalan’s Popular Hot Spring Area Ranking 2024 – based off surveys conducted regularly on Japan’s 327 hot-spring areas on Japanese travel website Jalan.net.

Gifu Prefecture is a well-known for its stunning mountainscapes, and an ideal place to enjoy these wonders of nature would be the Okuhida Hot Spring Villages located in the Northern Japan Alps.
Here, you can find a wide-selection of both lodging options and places to explore!

The area is especially beautiful in October, when the mountainsides turn yellow and orange as the leaves change color.

Things to see and do:
・Shinhotaka Ropeway (Japan’s only doubledecker aerial tram-way)
・Lots and lots of hot springs
・Great Hirayu Waterfall

Nearby places:
・Goshikigahara Forest
・Hida Great Limestone Caves
・Mt. Norikura
・Kamikochi (technically Nagano Prefecture, but taking a bus from Hirayu is a popular way to get there)

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