Here are some ideas for your future trip to Gifu! 12 members of Aspire, a luxury travel club in the UK with members that include luxury travel agency business owners and sellers, chose Gifu Prefecture as their destination as part of their annual retreat and boy was it incredible!! For many of them, it was their first time visiting Gifu, and some, Japan. The retreat gave them valuable insight for client recommendations and product ideas as they enjoyed Gifu’s grand outdoors, timeless traditions, and living culture.

Here’s a snapshot of the fun that was had over their three day, two night stay last month!

Day 1
The group was split into the following three:

Group A – Swordmaking with Asano Kajiya in Hashima

Group B – Pottery making in Tajimi

Group C – Mino washi paper making in Mino

Day 2
Tours at Shirakawa-go and Takayama, with sake-tasting at the latter

Day 3
Satoyama Cycling and walking around the Hida-Furukawa area, finishing off with a herbal tea brewery activity

A big thank you to Aspire for visiting – we hope to have you back again soon, and may future guests experience Gifu in all its goodness in time to come. A huge thanks too to the staff and groups for their support in making this possible!!