Summer celebrations are beginning! And in Gifu, this means it’s finally time to show off your best dance moves, Gujo-style!! Get your yukata and geta (traditional wooden clogs) ready for the the Gujo Dance Festival starting this Saturday. Details for the opening ceremony is as follows.

【Dates】 July 15th (Sat)
【Time】 From 7:30pm
【Venue】 The small square in front of the Kinenkan building. Further details here.

The Gujo Dance Festival is a tradition over 400 years old, considered to be one of Japan’s three great Bon dances. It’s held across 30 different nights over a period of three months. This dance, along with the Kanomizu no Kakeodori dance of Meiho, Gujo, was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in late 2022.

With moves that are easy to learn even for beginners, it’s hard not to join in the festivities. Everyone is encouraged to join in – just hop into the dance circle and follow the movements of the people around you!
If you’re planning on visiting Gifu this summer, make sure and check out the schedule to see if there are any dances you can make!

Note that times and venues for the festival for each night is different so please be sure to check the schedule in the link below for specific details.

2023 Gujo Dance Festival Period: July 15th ~ 9th September
2023 Gujo Dance Festival Schedule:

For more info: