The oldest reconstructed wooden castle in Japan, Gujo Hachiman Castle has finally been reopened after a long 5 months of closures for renovations!

Located high above the old Gujo Hachiman castle-town streets, it offers a scenic view of Gujo and the surrounding mountains. Make sure to bring some good shoes as the walk to the top is a little bit of hike.

Once you’ve checked out the castle, a stroll through the narrow castletown streets and among the many temples and shrines in Gujo Hachiman is the next best thing you could do during your visit here!

Locals here hold an especially strong bond with their natural surroundings as they take pride in preserving and using the crystal clear water that flows through their town in the form of rivers, canals, and streams.

No matter where you find yourself, you are almost guaranteed to able to hear the soothing sound of flowing water.

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