A very fishy homecoming has just happened! For the people of Hida City, this is one of the signs that welcome the arrival of spring.

The beautiful Japanese carp relocated to Tenjin Pond last winter have been carefully brought back to their home in the Setogawa Canal of Hida Furukawa, where they will remain until late November before being transported once more during the changing of the seasons.

As it is with every year, volunteers of all ages helped to catch and safely transfer about 1000 koi – no mean feat as some of the koi can weigh over 10kg and measure over 80cm in length!

If you’re visiting the Setogawa Canal anytime soon, be sure treat the koi to some bread or tofu bits sold nearby as fish food for 100 yen! They’d be mighty pleased to have some snacks and of course, see you!

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