Gifu Prefecture is a mountainous area where local life is closely connected to the bountiful nature that residents cherish and have preserved for generations. Visitors here can find ancient traditions that have stood the test of time and exemplify the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship like steel blades, woodworking, ceramics, and papermaking. Gifu is a destination that naturally embodies the various themes of sustainable development goals that have been garnering the attention of people all across the world!

Recent international travel trends show a shift in traveler preferences towards themes like nature, the countryside, sense of freedom, rejuvenation, and safe/secure travel.

Our new ‘Specials of Gifu’ article highlights a handful of destinations in Gifu that show outstanding sustainable-development practices while allowing vistors to fully experience the wonders of the prefecture’s grand outdoors. We hope you enjoy this special article!

Gifu Prefecture is putting in special efforts to promote sustainable tourism destinations and experiences that utilize Gifu’s unique wonders. Everyone in Gifu is eagerly awaiting your visit when the time is right.