New hybrid “Hida” trains are sure to make your visit to Gifu Prefecture more convenient and comfortable than ever before!

New HC85 series “Hida”

After a year of testing, JR Central has announced that they will begin replacing “KiHa 85 series” diesel railcars with the new “HC85 series” during FY 2022 to FY 2023. HC stands for “hybrid car,” which adopts a hybrid power generation method. These railcars are used for limited express “Hida” trains that generally run from Nagoya to Takayama and Toyama along the JR Takayama Line.

Original KiHa 85 series “Hida”

The new “HC85 series” will be more environmentally friendly. They are expected to achieve an approximately 35% improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in exhaust fumes (approximately 30% reduction of CO2 emissions and 40% reduction of NOx emissions).

In addition to the above environmental improvements, here are some other innovations:

  • Structural and mechanical improvements to reduce vibrations and noise for passengers
  • Improved convenience for passengers with Wi-Fi available in all cars, electrical sockets for every seat, LCD information displays, and increased luggage space in each car
  • Security cameras in passenger cars and end sections near the door to improve security
  • Implementation of spaces to accommodate electric-powered wheelchairs and multipurpose restrooms

***All photos were provided by JR Central