Congratulations to Gifu’s hot-spring districts that made Japan’s Top 100 Hot Springs Ranking (Nippon no Onsen Hyaku-sen in Japanese).

Gifu had four different hot-spring areas make the ranking, which shows just how ideal Gifu is as a destination for some rest and relaxation! Each area offers unique attractions and a distinct atmosphere.

The downtown area of Gero Hot Springs is perfect for a nice stroll!
Okuhida Hot Springs, located in the heart of the Japan Alps, is known for having the most outdoor hot spring baths in all of Japan.
After soaking in a hot spring bath, explore the narrow streets of the Takayama Old Quarter.
Find lots of activities around Nagaragawa Hot Springs like Gifu Castle, Cormorant Fishing, or the Kawaramachi Historical District.

Both Gero and Hida Takayama improved their rankings from last year (from #6 and #42 respectively)

****About the Ranking****
The ranking is held once a year by Kanko Keizai Shimbun and encompasses all hot springs districts in Japan; votes are sent in from Japanese travel agents and other travel pros of the Japanese tourism industry, the results are then reviewed and certified by a judging committee made represented by 8 tourism organizations.

Gifu’s wide selection of hot spring areas are sure to help you relax and soothe your travel fatigue!