This is a rare opportunity on which Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu Prefecture all gather together and perform one after another.
Please come and watch the traditional performing arts that represent Gifu.

There are more than 30 Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu Prefecture and Gifu is one of the most active regions for Ji-Kabuki in Japan.
People in rural parts of the nation started organizing and holding Kabuki performances by themselves in their hometowns in shrines and shibai-goyas (playhouses). These amateur forms of Kabuki played in rural parts of Japan are called “Ji-Kabuki” in Gifu Prefecture.

【2020 Schedule (Total 11 performances, 3-4 societies perform each show)】
1/19 , 2/15 , 3/8 , 4/19 , 4/26 , 5/10 , 5/24 , 6/7 , 6/21, 7/12 , 7/19

Seiryu Bunka Plaza, Gifu City (3-42 Gakuencho ,Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture)

Free of charge

・Seats must be reserved in advance
・The website will include an explanation in English of how to apply so please make sure to check it out!