○ Up until now, the Japanese government has allowed overseas tourists to enter Japan only through tour groups. However, individual tourists will finally be permitted to enter the country from October 11th, 2022.

○ Japan implements basic COVID infection prevention measures such as wearing masks. Please enjoy your trip while following the rules below.
  RULE 1 Individual prevention measures
  RULE 2 New Travel Etiquette for Visitors
  RULE 3 COVID-19 Mask Use in Community Settings

○ Please follow the COVID infection control measures below if you develop a fever or other symptoms during your visit in Gifu.

For Foreign Tourists diagnosed with COVID-19 (leaflet)

Ⅰ If you develop a fever or other symptoms while visiting Gifu:
Contact a local medical institution that speaks your language before having a medical examination.
○ If you are unsure of which medical institution to visit, please check with your accommodation or medical・consultation center.

Ⅱ Notification of medical examination results:
○You will be contacted by the local medical institution where you had your medical examination.

Ⅲ If you test positive:
(a)Additionally, if you fall under any of the categories below, please take note of the following instructions:
・65 years old and above
・require hospitalization
・at risk of developing severe illness and require medication for COVID-19, or are at risk of developing severe illness and now require administration of oxygen due to COVID-19 infection.

○ The public health center will contact you by phone.
○ You will require medical treatment for a fixed period of time. The public health center will designate a place for medical treatment according to your health condition. The place can be ① a medical institution where hospitalization occurs ② accommodation owned by Gifu Prefecture where medical treatment will occur, or ③ a place for medical treatment of your own arrangements.

(b)If you are not in any of the categories listed above:
○ You will receive an SMS from the Gifu Prefecture Positive Case Health Follow-up Center.
○ Please make your own arrangements for your stay at an accommodation facility where you can recover.
※ If you prefer to be admitted into the government-owned accommodation, please call the Gifu Prefecture Positive Case Health Follow-up Center (phone number: 050-3613-9615).

Ⅳ Recovery
○ You are required to undergo medical treatment for a fixed amount of time, and will not be allowed to leave the designated accommodation during that period.
※ Rules for medical treatment at Gifu Prefecture government-owned recovery accommodation
※ Rules for medical treatment at a recovery facility of your own arrangements.

Ⅴ Travel companions
○ Travel companions who have engaged in the following activities with a positive case two days or more before their symptoms started or tested positive may be considered a close contact.
・Having meals or smoking together.
・Talking for more than 15 minutes at arms’ length, without proper wearing of a mask.
・Spending time in poorly ventilated spaces (eg. car rides, meetings in a small room, etc).

○ As a general rule, travel companions who fall under the above category need to make their own arrangements for a place to receive medical treatment and isolate for 5 days, starting from the day of their last contact with the positive case.
※ If their antigen test kit (limited to in vitro diagnostic products) result is negative on the second and third days, they can end isolation on the third day.
○ The patient’s health conditions should be monitored for 7 days.